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Thunder basketball has officially become a staple of what it means to be Oklahoman and on December 20th, it was time to bring out the Thunder blue.

Debbie Williams, Community Relations Coordinator for the Oklahoma City Thunder, worked her magic once again and – after bringing the Rolling Thunder Book Bus to four of the Oklahoma City housing projects where we work – asked if we could use 30 tickets to take some of the amazing kids she met earlier in the year to the Thunder’s preseason finale game against the Dallas Mavericks. What kid wouldn’t be thrilled to go? (What teacher wouldn’t be, for that matter?) We had 30 tickets and a few days to round up just the right kids to go cheer on the Thunder.

The day had finally arrived. The 30 tickets were each assigned a name. But 11-year-old Dontay wasn’t one of them. And he was beyond disappointed. When Dontay’s teacher realized what had happened, she frantically searched for any tickets that maybe, just maybe, weren’t being used. Nothing.

Dontay’s teacher said that she would give up her ticket so he could go.

But God, in the way He tends to operate, worked everything out so both Dontay and his teacher could go.

I ended up sitting next to Dontay at the game. It was awesome. I think the only thing better than watching your first live Thunder game is watching a little boy absolutely immerse himself in the atmosphere of his first live Thunder game.

Dontay plays basketball and did a running commentary. Since I’m an old pro myself (Oh fine, I played in high school.), we had lots to talk about. When the music played, Dontay danced. When the chants began, Dontay cheered the loudest. And when Perkins blocked Nowitzki, you know Dontay was on his feet.

I don’t know a lot about Dontay. I only spent a few hours with him in Loud City. But I do know that he loves basketball. He has a sweet spirit. Dontay lives with his grandma who loves him and his two older siblings and is teaching them and their many cousins to know, love, and serve Jesus. I know that Dontay is bright and wants to go to college someday. I know that he doesn’t get to see his mom, but that his dad is involved.

And I know that going to a Thunder game was the highlight of Dontay’s year.

Thanks, Thunder, for making a difference for Dontay.