Program Sites

We currently have 17 different program sites around the greater Oklahoma City area. Program sites are locations that run an official Novo Ministries Bible Club once a week. During this time, kids like ten-year-old Alyssa and six-year-old Kaden get to spend time with and hear positive teaching from volunteers like Chad the dentist, Pam the stay-at-home mom, or Marcus the college senior, who have a passion for reaching these children, offering hope and a vision of a better future. Take a look at the map below and see where we’re making a difference – it might just be in your own backyard. Maybe now is your opportunity to make a difference for the kids at one of these sites, too!

What Some of Our Program Sites are Saying…

As a principal, I am always looking for programs that will promote healthy behavior, positive character development, and good life choices…

I hear the statistics and know the facts concerning our inner-city communities. I see the realities and the product of the culture every day at my school… Many of the children… have challenges in their life and home, including everything from sibling gang involvement, substance abuse, academic struggles, criminal activity, poor housing options, teen pregnancy, to incarcerated parents and more… We need the support and resources necessary to counteract the negative influences and positively impact our inner city.

Novo Ministries gives these children the opportunity to interact with adults who love them and will mentor them to success in life.

- Lee Roland, Principal of Tulakes Elementary

Among my many tasks as a social services coordinator, I am to locate quality programming for the residents, especially for the children… Novo Ministries has been not only an inspiration to me, but most importantly, Novo is a steady rock in the lives of unstable families.

Novo is a great success story here at Nottingham; reaching the at-risk, under-served and vulnerable. Novo has earned the trust of parents and their children alike…

I have worked in after-school programs before and have granted other ministries and organizations entry to Nottingham’s children, and none come close to the success of Novo! Novo is making a difference in the lives of our precious children!

- Jackie Ledbetter, Social Services Coordinator for Nottingham Square Apartments