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Sarah Hunnicutt

// Mr. Cameron

by on February 3, 2012

Meet Mr. Cameron, Yellow Boys Teacher at a Novo Bible Club!

Youth and Family Ministry Major at Oklahoma Christian University
Ultimate Frisbee extraordinaire
Would love to have a pet wombat someday
Next dream travel destination – Japan

Why Mr. Cameron volunteers…

“I volunteer because I like to serve and I want to serve. It’s a great opportunity for me to get out and practice being a Christian.”

“It’s fun just to hear [the Yellow Team boys] talk; to hear what it’s like to be that age again. It’s fun to hear how they see things; like what makes sense to them and what doesn’t.”

“[Volunteering is] definitely is one of those things that has its ups and downs. There are weeks that if feels like you haven’t done anything. But you are making an impact. The kids are listening.”

What Megan Connell, Mr. Cameron’s Site Coordinator, has to say about him…

“This is now our sixth year of Novo Bible Club programming at [the site I coordinate]. During the first 3 or 4 years of programming, many of the children at [that site] had a new small group teacher every 10 weeks. A couple of years ago, we began recruiting local volunteers for this site, in hopes that the children would have more consistent teaching, a teacher with whom they could build a more permanent relationship, and the presence of a constant, caring adult in their life. At the beginning of fall in 2010, Cameron joined the team and became the teacher of the older boys small group. Cameron has faithfully taught these boys, week after week, building trust with them and setting an example for them of a man who faithfully serves Christ and loves others. I am so grateful that Cameron has continued to make time out of his busy college life for these boys each week. And maybe these boys don’t realize it right now, but, someday, they will realize how big of an impact he has made on their lives.”

Thanks for making a difference, Mr. Cameron! We appreciate you!

Sarah Hunnicutt

// Miss Sherry

by on September 27, 2011

One day, Miss Sherry did something special. She came to Bible Club, of course, which was special, but it’s what she brought to club that day that was really exciting. Strawberry plants. Miss Sherry brought strawberry plants. And while that might seem like nothing much to you or me, it was a big deal to her Blue Team Small Group. It was a big deal to have their very own plants, a big deal to be entrusted with the responsibility of helping them grow, and a big deal to not only take a peek into Miss Sherry’s life, but to be a part of it – to share sprouts from her strawberry plant and make them grow in front of their own apartments.

Miss Sherry is a great volunteer. I have the privilege of working alongside her each week. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned about Miss Sherry by watching her lead and personal conversations, it’s that she is a woman who, in her own words, “doesn’t like to sit still. . . . I wanted to get on Survivor, but my husband wouldn’t tape it.” She is a woman with a plan and a vision for what she wants to accomplish! From walking up the Continental Divide to playing laser tag on her 50th birthday to making her first fondant cake to mission trips to Slovenia to being a part of the Choctaw Dancing Hooves. (By the way – they were showing at the Oklahoma State Fair on September 23rd and 24th. Check out this fun video from last year!)

Miss Sherry’s zest for life is infectious, but her passion for sharing the Gospel is even stronger. She works as a physical therapy assistant and routinely gets to talk to elderly patients about Jesus. Everywhere she goes, Miss Sherry is planting seeds for the future. This is partly what drew her to Novo Bible Clubs – “It’s an investment in the future and [the kids] are kind of like my surrogate grandchildren.” Miss Sherry shares her life with these “grandchildren.” She brings out her old Tiddly Winks game or introduces them to Jenga for the first time. One of the kids has even “friended” her on Facebook. But Miss Sherry doesn’t just play with the kids. She’s not just a friend or even a “grandmother” figure. Miss Sherry, for these boys and girls, becomes the hands, feet, and face of Jesus. She prays for them, invests in them, and pours her boundless energy into them. For Miss Sherry, “This is an opportunity to make a change in lives that will be a long term solution and if you have time to invest in a kid, it will be worth it.”

So Miss Sherry plants seeds of hope and truth and love in the lives of her Bible Club kids. And I have a feeling that each time Miss Sherry’s Blue Team boys and girls look at their special strawberry plants, they’ll remember those seeds, too.

Check out our volunteering page to learn more about how you can make a difference or click here to learn more about child sponsorship.

Sarah Hunnicutt

// Mr. Justin

by on March 10, 2011

Check out why Mr. Justin volunteers!

“[I volunteer because] it was just something that I felt like God wanted me to do. . . . I prayed about it and felt like God wanted me to do it. I really wanted to reach out and be a role model to the kids. A lot of these kids don’t know anything about Jesus, and I want to do that for them. I want to build relationships with the kids so I can bring them to church and do more than just Monday Bible Club. I’ve had the chance to bring two kids to church with me and [one boy] actually lives about three doors down and might come with me this Wednesday!

Just last week one of the kids was joking around . . . and said I was weird, but one the other kids said, ‘He’s not weird! He’s cool!’ I have lots of little stories like that [that are special memories].

[If someone is thinking of volunteering] pray about it and volunteer. These kids are amazing. . . . I would definitely encourage them to volunteer.”

- Justin Werner, Yellow Team teacher