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// Mr. Justin

by on March 10, 2011

Check out why Mr. Justin volunteers!

“[I volunteer because] it was just something that I felt like God wanted me to do. . . . I prayed about it and felt like God wanted me to do it. I really wanted to reach out and be a role model to the kids. A lot of these kids don’t know anything about Jesus, and I want to do that for them. I want to build relationships with the kids so I can bring them to church and do more than just Monday Bible Club. I’ve had the chance to bring two kids to church with me and [one boy] actually lives about three doors down and might come with me this Wednesday!

Just last week one of the kids was joking around . . . and said I was weird, but one the other kids said, ‘He’s not weird! He’s cool!’ I have lots of little stories like that [that are special memories].

[If someone is thinking of volunteering] pray about it and volunteer. These kids are amazing. . . . I would definitely encourage them to volunteer.”

- Justin Werner, Yellow Team teacher

Legacy Comments

  1. Yeah, Justin! So cool to hear your passion for reaching these kids and how that’s lived out in your life.

  2. Justin,
    You are doing a great job with the boys on your team! Thanks for taking the extra time to invest in them.

  3. Justin,
    I have an awesome video of you hanging out and “playing around” with some of your guys. I’ll have to send it your way. It’s from the day we did that survey and had the moonbounce out.

    Thanks for all of the behind the scenes things you had to do to prepare to teach. It makes a huge difference in how truth is communicated. You put a lot of effort in to preparing and in turn showed how much you value the children you are teaching.

    I appreciate it!