Novo Bible Clubs are about to resume and we are excited about reconnecting with the boys and girls at our program sites. No doubt, they’ve experienced many changes over the summer – from growing a little taller to moving to getting a new baby brother or sister. But the kids aren’t the only ones who’ve had changes, so have our volunteers!

Julie’s work schedule changed.
Mark’s family grew.
Kara transferred schools.
Andrea’s daughter had a stroke.
Chad got a new job.

Because change in life is inevitable, some of our wonderful volunteers have had to take a break this year. With our great need and limited volunteer teams, even just one person leaving can affect whether or not having a Novo Bible Club in neighborhoods where we’ve been for years is even possible.

Will you take their places? Have changes in your life freed up one afternoon or evening a week to make a difference for Oklahoma City’s inner-city children? Can you commit to one year or beyond of inner-city outreach to the precious children who call these communities “home”?

“This is an opportunity to make a change in lives that will be a long term solution. . . . If you have time to invest in a child, it will be worth it.”
Miss Sherry, current Novo Bible Club volunteer

Specific ways you can get involved

Become non-certified support staff:
- lead or assist the registration team
- lead or assist the snack team
- assist a small group
- lead games in large group
- help with canvassing
- build relationships with the children
- pray for the children at your site

Become a small group leader:
- lead a small group of elementary-age children
- use curriculum to prepare weekly lessons
- consistently mentor the children in your group
- call the children during the week
- build relationships with the children
- pray for the children at your site and in your small group

Become a large group teacher:
- lead songs during the large group, corporate teaching time
- teach the Bible story
- challenge the children to act on what they’ve learned
- give personal testimonies
- build relationships with the children
- pray for the children at your site

Become certified support staff:
- mentor children who stay behind after large group
- assist with discipline
- substitute for small group leaders and large group teachers occasionally
- assist the site coordinator
- build relationships with the children
- pray for the children at your site

Become part of the prayer team for a specific site:
- receive weekly updates on prayer requests for a specific site
- pray for the children, staff, volunteers, families and apartment and office managers at the site
- visit the site at least once during the school year during Novo Bible Club

Become a tutor:
- tutor a child or small group of children in a specific subject weekly
- read one-on-one with a child weekly
- lead a specialized educational activity class weekly
- build relationships with the child / children
- pray for the children at your site

Become an office volunteer
- help with behind the scenes Novo Bible Club preparations (marking Bibles, lamination, cutting lamination, etc.) as available
- help with administrative tasks

Contact us for information on pro-bono volunteering or volunteering for a creative task force team (leading volunteers, curriculum development, marketing, training development, etc.).

Contact Galend Hover at ghover@novoministries.org or 405-664-3964 to discuss your specific interests, questions regarding volunteering, and other ways to get involved.

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“I like helping the children see there is another answer. Someone does care about them. They don’t have to stick with one way of life. You can stay in school and go to college and accomplish your dream.”
Miss Natalie, current Novo Bible Club volunteer


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